Misty Mountain Pony Club

Misty Mountain Pony Club

Sally Jablonsky grew up playing music with her family, hiking around in the desert singing cowboy songs, and learning the old tunes from her extended family at festivals and camps. As well as being firmly rooted in the Appalachian fiddle tradition, she writes new-old-pop-country-time songs that are crooked and lonesome and true. Sally has been teaching fiddle for the past sixteen years, and has had the pleasure of teaching at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, Lady of the Lake Dance Camps, and the Olympia Oldtime Gathering, to name a few.

Milo Krims hails from many places-New York and Southern California, among others, and started playing music as a teenager in punk bands. Later he joined up with the oldtime string band, the Peach Colored Jug Smugglers, and toured the country. In his ongoing solo project, Ripe Mangos, he softly shreds on the electric guitar, and sings of wind, wood, ghosts, and being.

Daniel Nickerson lives, makes music, and leads a community choir in a church-turned-artist collective in Arcata, CA. He is a longtime member of the touring folk band Max’s Midnight Kitchen, and is the newest member of the pony club. You name an instrument, and he plays it!

Sally, Milo, and Daniel are the core members of the Misty Mountain Pony Club, with moonlighters such as Ruthie and Eugene Jablonsky, Charley and Peter Gurche, T Scot Wilburn, Jenny Anne Mannan, and Duane Becker. With tight harmonies and a dedication to craftsmanship, the club honors the fiddle tunes and country songs of older times. Having been steeped in traditional American music, their original songs carry that thread of richness and complexity.

“I shall endeavor to maintain the best traditions of the ancient and noble skills of horsemanship and musicianship, always treating my horse and band mate with the consideration due a partner.”


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February 21, 2018